Secure and Stylish Perimeter Fence for Real Estate Developments

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Fencing is a critical consideration for New Jersey real estate developers and builders looking to create desirable, secure communities that attract buyers and maximize property values. More than just a physical barrier, the right fencing solution can elevate a residential development from good to truly exceptional.

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When it comes to privacy, security, and enhanced home values, fencing plays an invaluable role. Research shows that over half of homeowners cite privacy as the top driver for installing fences. A secure, well-designed perimeter provides that sought-after sense of sanctuary that today’s buyers crave. Fencing also has a major impact on perceived value – studies indicate that attractive landscaping and fencing can boost a home’s selling price by as much as 15%.

But fencing isn’t just about utilitarian needs – it’s also an integral part of the overall aesthetic vision. In elite residential communities, consistent, upscale fencing is key to cultivating a cohesive, luxury look that commands top dollar. Analysts have found that architectural unity and amenities can allow developers to realize premium pricing.

Vinyl post and rail fencing with wire mesh

For those seeking to create communities that provide security, privacy, aesthetic appeal, and higher home values, innovative fencing solutions like vinyl post and rail with wire mesh infill check all the boxes. This dual combination marries classic style with robust protection to elevate the entire development.

This fencing solution combines the classic look of vinyl post and rail with the added security of wire mesh infill. The vinyl posts and rails offer a low-maintenance, long-lasting material, while the wire mesh deters trespassing and keeps animals out, creating a secure perimeter for the entire development.

With the right fencing plan and experienced installer, residential builders can deliver the complete luxury package that discriminating buyers desire. Secure, stylish perimeter solutions don’t just check items off a list – they elevate properties into a superior class and maximize returns on investment.

Enhancing Curb Appeal and Property Value

The impact of fencing on curb appeal

Fencing is one of the first things potential buyers notice when viewing a property. An attractive, well-maintained fence creates an inviting first impression and enhances the overall curb appeal. A survey by the National Association of Realtors found that 94% of real estate agents recommended installing fencing to improve a home’s marketability.

Reinforced post and rail vinyl fence for a new residential development in East Hanover, New Jersey

How attractive fencing can increase home values

In addition to improving curb appeal, fencing can directly contribute to a property’s resale value. According to a report by Remodeling Magazine, investing in a new fence can yield a return on investment of up to 65% when selling a home.

Creating a cohesive, upscale look for the development

In a residential development, consistent fencing throughout the community helps create a unified, upscale aesthetic. This cohesive look not only enhances the appeal of individual homes but also elevates the overall perception and desirability of the entire development. A study by the Urban Land Institute found that well-designed communities with consistent architectural elements and landscaping can command premium prices.

Combining Security with Aesthetics

The security benefits of wire mesh infill

While classic post and rail fencing provides a classy perimeter, the addition of wire mesh infill takes security to the next level. This heavy-duty mesh acts as a visible deterrent to potential trespassers and prevents unauthorized entry to the community’s grounds. The tight weave also stops smaller wildlife like rabbits and groundhogs from gaining access and damaging landscaping.

Deterring trespassing and keeping wildlife out

The wire mesh component serves as an extremely effective physical barrier. Its strength and density make it virtually impossible for people to climb over, under, or cut through. This safeguards residents’ privacy and sense of safety. At the same time, the mesh blocks nuisance wildlife like deer from wandering into the development and creating a hazard or destructive situation.

The stylish look of vinyl fencing

Variety of colors and styles

While the wire mesh provides security, the vinyl posts and rails offer stylish curb appeal. Vinyl comes in a wide range of colors from traditional white to rich espresso tones. Styles include privacy fencing, semi-private, picket, and more to complement any architectural aesthetic.

Low maintenance requirements

In addition to its versatile looks, vinyl is extremely low maintenance. Unlike wood, it won’t rot, warp, or require restaining and sealing. A vinyl fence looks brand new for years with just an occasional soap and water cleaning.

Residential Development Fencing Considerations

Community guidelines and HOA rules

When selecting fencing for a new residential development, it’s critical to understand any community guidelines or homeowners’ association rules that may apply. These can dictate approved materials, color choices, fence heights, and other specifications to ensure a cohesive look.

Ensuring consistent aesthetics throughout

To achieve an upscale, unified feel, every home should have fencing that matches in terms of style, color, and quality of materials used. Small details like selecting flat or spaced pickets can make a big difference in the overall visual impact when consistent throughout.

Balancing privacy and openness

Developers have to weigh the needs for privacy and community connectivity. In some cases, lower-height ornamental fencing may be preferable for areas like front yards to maintain a sense of openness, while taller privacy fencing is used surrounding private backyard spaces.

Entrance areas and gating options

The entrance to a community sets the first impression, so decorative gating or architecturally distinctive fencing can create a grand, welcoming feel. In gated developments, the fencing choice impacts access control, resident entry systems, and traffic flow considerations.

The Versatility of Vinyl Fencing

Different vinyl fencing styles and applications beyond residential

Vinyl fencing offers incredible versatility to suit any residential design aesthetic. From classic picket fences to solid privacy styles and everything in between, vinyl can achieve the desired look. Popular options include semi-private lattice-topped designs, contemporary horizontal styles, and decorative vinyl rail fencing.

While ideal for upscale home communities, vinyl fencing’s low maintenance and customizable nature also make it an excellent choice for commercial properties like office parks, industrial yards, recreational spaces, and more. Its durability ensures long-lasting perimeter security.

Vinyl isn’t just a one-style-fits-all solution. It can be customized in a wide array of colors from traditional white to rich bronzes and blacks. Accent details like decorative post caps allow you to craft a truly distinctive, personalized look.

Choosing the Right Fencing Partner

With any large-scale development project, working with an experienced, reputable fencing contractor is paramount. They’ll ensure proper planning, accurate quoting, seamless installation, and strict adherence to local codes and regulations.

Seamless installation and project management

An experienced fencing partner like Eastcoast Fence has the capacity and resources to handle projects of all sizes and complexities. Their teams provide comprehensive project management from start to finish for a smooth, stress-free installation.

Eastcoast Fence’s expertise with developments

For over 20 years, Eastcoast Fence has been the trusted name for commercial, industrial, and residential development fencing in New Jersey. Our skilled crews have installed miles of perimeter fencing for communities throughout the state.

perimeter fencing for New Jersey  communities

Fencing is about far more than just delineating boundaries

When designing a new residential development you have an opportunity to craft a secure, private oasis that elevates aesthetics, property values, and the entire community experience. With solutions like vinyl post and rail with wire mesh infill, developers can blend exceptional protection with classic beauty.

Is your next development project in need of a fencing solution that checks every box for security, style, and long-term value? Contact the experts at Eastcoast Fence today. With over two decades of experience working with premier residential communities, we will deliver a comprehensive fencing package to exceed all expectations.

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