Top 7 Ways to Make the Exterior of Your House Look Better Than Ever

Think about the exterior of your home when you consider doing home improvements to your house. Giving your living space a fresh look isn’t always just about the interior – the exterior matters too. Things like your entryway, fence, roof and landscape are the first things people see when they come to visit your property. The way your house’s exterior looks can having an impact in determining how someone perceives you.

The condition of your exterior can be a deciding factor when it comes time to resell the property. If the outside is well appointed, lovingly maintained and includes attractive details, a potential home buyer will be more likely to choose your property as their future home and meet your asking price. This article looks at top 7 ideas to make your exterior stand out.

Let the Architecture Make a Statement

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A home designed by a talented architect can often stand apart from the neighborhood simply because of the structure itself. Elegant materials used to finish the exterior like brickwork or marble or stucco can be strategically used to elevate the appearance of the home and imply that the property is more expensive than it actually is. The perceived value of a well designed home makes it worthy of continued maintenance and preservation, and the careful thought Architects put into their home designs tends to greatly increase their longevity. These kinds of homes, whatever your exterior is made of, are stunning by themselves, so they may only need to be freshened up when and if there is damage, weather stains or wear. If attended to with regular maintenance you’ll never have an old or outdated looking house. A good design always creates enduring value in excess of cost, and a bad design is often painfully obvious and will be regretted far longer than the savings are enjoyed.

Pressure Wash Your Walls and Watch Them Sparkle

It does not matter how expensive your siding is, if it is dirty, the whole exterior of the house will look cheap and old. Your walls can look great again if you use a pressure washer to remove the dirt from the walls and siding. Depending on the material on your walls, there are some that should not be pressure washed because it can cause damage. Any kind of wood siding could allow water to penetrate underneath, soaking wall cavities. Old brick and mortar are vulnerable and can be blasted away by commercial pressure washing equipment. Old homes that may have been painted with lead paint present a danger of environmental contamination. Be sure to research to see if a pressure washer is the appropriate tool to clean the outside of your home.

Pressure washing can clean your house of grime, bird droppings, and unsightly stains. This improves curb appeal, and also just makes you happy to come home to your beautiful home.If you do not own a pressure washer, you can hire a local professional to do the job. The best thing about it is that pressure washing removes the debris and mildew trapped in the cracks that can lead to the growth of mold. If you want to reduce the chance of mold inside your home, don’t forget to take care of potential mold risks on the outside of your home.

In addition to cleaning the exterior of your house and preparing it for painting, pressure washing is excellent for decks and railings at low pressure; wood and vinyl fences at medium pressure; asphalt at medium pressure; and concrete driveways, metal patio furniture, and stone at high pressure.

Redo Your Front Door Entry Way

The entry way of your home includes your path, porch and door and each of those have their own features that should be addressed. These should be in excellent condition as they contribute to the general look of your home and help welcome your guests, transitioning them from the outside to your interior. Updating the light fixture is a simple upgrade that can have significant visual impact. Wash the doormat or replace an old one with a new mat to welcome your guests. Consider swapping these out seasonally and hanging a complimenting wreath on the door to increase the appeal. Potted plants enhance the transition from the natural outdoors into your living space. Don’t forget to tend them and update the annuals with new plants once they are past their prime. Having done that, the place will look stunning and visitors will be enjoy the view as they wait for you to open the door.

Design a Lovely Path

If your front lawn is full of plants or grass, it makes sense to install a path to escort guests from the driveway to your front door and around the house to the side and back yards of the property. Run out to check the mail in your slippers or bring the trash cans down the the curb in bare feet – a well designed path will keep you from having contact with dew and dirt from the lawn and keep your shoes looking good as new. Designing a clear and attractive is a fairly small project that can provide a finished look to your landscape and gardens.

Repaint the Exterior

Another great idea of making your exterior stand out is by repainting the walls and siding. Before you begin the repainting, ensure to clean them thoroughly. You can use a pressure washer to remove the dirt and debris from the grout of brick so that you do not apply the paint over dirt. Good quality paint means you will paint fewer times over the years, and you’ll get better coverage when you do paint so don’t skimp on the price and select the cheapest exterior paint you can find. You’re bound to have trouble and eventually pay more in the long run. Prep the landscape by covering the ground, bushes and any other vegetation below the area you are painting. Also move or cover up any outdoor furniture, hoses, grills, etc. Use drop cloths and weigh them down on the corners or securely wrap them around the items you are protecting.

Painting the exterior of your house is a huge job. But the rewards are great too. With a minimum investment in tools and materials, you’ll save thousands of dollars, extend the life of your siding and trim and increase the value of your home. Best of all, you’ll make it look like new again.

Install a New Fence

A charming new fence will bring life back to your exterior while at the same time helping keep away stray animals from your property. A new fence declares that your privacy is to be respected and it is also an expression of your personality. Your fence will work as the frame for the masterpiece that is your home, increasing it’s aesthetic appeal. That frame can be as elaborate and intricate, or as simple and traditional, as you would like. Although most fences are built for a utilitarian reason, once a homeowner decides to build a fence, the aesthetic appeal of the project should become a primary concern. Not every fence acts as a shield or barrier; some simply look lovely.

Selling your home may not interest you now, but the value of your home will matter to you if you end up putting your property on the market at some point in the future. Homes that have property fencing tend to sell for higher prices than similar houses that don’t have fences. Plus, the boost in home value gives you a bigger cushion of funds to borrow against, should a home equity loan become necessary.

When you picture the ideal American home, you probably imagine a white picket fence surrounding it. This ingrained ideal is part of our culture and we find classic references to this imagery of a beautiful fence to be very appealing. Properly built and well-maintained fences will make your home appear more luxurious overall.

Refresh the Roof

The roof is an important factor that determines how people view your property because you can see it from long distances. Updating your roof will give it a fresh new look. If your property has a lot of tall shade trees and your roof isn’t very old, giving it a good pressure wash is an effective way to clean off the debris and moss and will leave your roof looking new again. While you are up there, be sure to clean out your gutters. Nothing adds to the appearance of neglect as small saplings and weeds emerging from the gutters around the downspouts of your home. Stay safely on the ground and hire a professional roofing company and a gutter cleaning service is heights make you scared or nervous. If your roof is old or has more than one layer on it, it may need to be removed or replaced. A licensed professional with experience can perform the job and make sure it’s done right the first time. Check out online reviews to choose a reputable contractor so that you avoid leaks and other underlying issues with your roof, which might save you some money with repairs and maintenance.

Giving your exterior a new stunning look involves some professional help or DIY labor but the effort will be worth the results. Pay close attention to detail and look at your yard and property with the eyes of a visitor as they approach your home. Take walks around nice neighborhoods that you admire and get some ideas for features you can incorporate into your own landscape and home. You don’t need to completely renovate your house to give your home a fresh look and improve the appearance. A few small projects, like the ones suggested above, can go a long way toward making an excellent impression on visitors, welcomed guests and passers by. You may even inspire your neighbors to make some outdoor improvements to their own property as well!