Deer Fence

The height of our deer fence is 7.5ft high with posts and 1 gate

TENAX Heavy Duty C-Flex Fencing is the strong, yet affordable deer fence solution to deer damage in your garden or residential property. Featuring thick rounded tensile strands that will resist the stretching and sagging that may occur with time in similar fences, Heavy Duty C-Flex has a breaking load of 650 pounds and a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. The UV-resistant polypropylene material is durable, and will remain tough even after years in harsh weather. Wind may easily pass through the fence around the rounded strands, preventing long-term damage from weather exposure.

The rounded tensile strands of C-Flex Fencing give it the appearance of virtual invisibility. The fused joints are very small and completely unnoticeable from as close as 20 feet. The 1.77 by 1.97 grid size and black color of this fence will help you protect your garden without destroying its natural beauty.

USA made poly deer fence from TENAX are products of optimum strength and are produced using a bi-oriented manufacturing process. The round strands are extremely tough and are more invisible than flat or semi-rounded strands. The strength of the material reduces the likeliness of stretching and sagging, and the rounded shape allows wind to pass right through, minimizing the risk damage from the weather. Additionally, the unique mesh design creates a virtually invisible deer fence from a distance.

Which Kind of Deer Fence Should I Choose?

If you have light deer traffic in your area and want to enclose a small yard or garden – Choose The C Flex Select Deer Fence. If you have more consistent deer traffic along your property line or want to effectively enclose a larger area of land, you may want to consider the C Flex Premium Deer Fence.

When you need to enclose a large area of land such as a farm or large field or you are experiencing aggressive deer traffic, consider the C Flex Pro Deer Fence. As one of the strongest deer fencing options on the market, you can count on this plastic deer fence to last over 20 years in the field.

Our easy to install and maintain deer fencing system for consists of virtually invisible material that flexes on impact. Matching gates are available and are highly customizable.

Our deer fencing system

Flexes on Impact:
Deer fence is designed to flex on impact. If a deer happens to run into the fence, the fence springs back.
Virtual Invisible:
Generally deer fences that are installed in wooded or landscaped areas disappear into the surroundings and become barely noticeable. All of our fence, posts and accessories are black. The
fence has a mesh design that you can see completely through. For garden fences the invisibility allows you to see the plants inside the fenced area.
Easy to Maintain:
All of our fence systems require little or no maintenance. Repairs from tree damage are relatively easy. The damaged section of fence can simply be replaced.
Customizable Gates:
We have a large selection of standard widths and heights of gates. In addition to those gates, we can customize to your exact measurements. Most gates can have additional supports and/or bracing added.