Secure and Stylish Perimeter Fence for Real Estate Developments

When it comes to privacy, security, and enhanced home values, fencing plays an invaluable role. Research shows that over half of homeowners cite privacy as the top driver for installing fences. A secure, well-designed perimeter provides that sought-after sense of sanctuary that today’s buyers crave. Fencing also has a major impact on perceived value – … Read more

Setback Requirements For Fences in Monmouth County

Failing to adhere to the setback rules can result in violations, fines, and potentially having to remove or relocate the fence, so it is essential to review your town’s regulations before any fence installation (Sources: Freehold Township Code, Middletown Township Code). Here are 5 Monmouth County towns that require a minimum 10′ setback from the … Read more

Reality Check: Noise Reduction with Privacy Fencing for a Quieter Backyard

Setting Realistic Expectations While privacy fencing undoubtedly offers a range of benefits, including increased seclusion and security, its ability to significantly reduce outdoor noise levels may not meet some homeowners’ expectations. Unlike the insulation or soundproofing found in indoor spaces, outdoor fences lack the same structural elements necessary for substantial noise reduction. Benefits of Privacy … Read more

What Causes Wooden Fence Panels to Warp?

Warping in wooden fence panels, or warped boards, are primarily caused by moisture absorption and fluctuations in relative humidity. Wood, in its natural state, contains moisture. As it loses moisture, particularly in environments with changing humidity, it tends to twist or warp. There are ways to prevent warping. The secret lies in choosing the right … Read more

Fencing in Community Associations: Meeting HOA Regulations and Aesthetics

Eastcoast Fence works with property owners and project managers to balance the need for effective fencing with the requirements set forth by the HOA board. We’ll explore common HOA rules related to fencing, discuss the importance of these regulations, and offer insights into navigating the approval process. Understanding HOA Regulations for Fencing HOA Regulations and … Read more

The Essential Elements of Aluminum Fencing: From Panels to Gates

Whether you’re considering the classic appeal of horizontal rails or exploring a variety of aluminum fencing styles, understanding these key components can significantly impact your aluminum fence installation’s success and cost. Want practical advice and insights on aluminum fences drawn from decades of experience in the industry? We’ll help you navigate the process of selecting … Read more

What is a Cyclone Fence? Cyclone Fence vs. Chain Link

Yet, amidst the popularity, there exists some confusion – is there a difference between a cyclone fence and a chain link fence? Let’s go over these terms, their similarities, and differences. We’ll take you along the fence line, from the sturdy gate posts to the intricate mesh patterns, giving you a comprehensive understanding of these … Read more

When installing a new fence what are the New Jersey fence laws?

By familiarizing yourself with the fence laws in New Jersey, you can ensure compliance with local ordinances, prevent potential conflicts with neighbors, and save yourself from unnecessary fines or legal issues. We’ll cover various aspects, such as fence placement, height restrictions, post depth, permits, neighbor permissions, and more. At Eastcoast Fence, we take pride in … Read more

Choosing the Perfect Front Yard Fence for Your NJ Home

Types Of Front Yard Fence Ideas Chain-Link Fences A chain-link fence is a metal fence made using galvanized steel or coated vinyl, which makes them durable and affordable. They are perfect for homeowners who prefer to have an open-front yard while still maintaining safety and privacy. Chain-link fences have a diamond-shaped pattern, making them a … Read more