Semi-Privacy Fence Style in New Jersey

Semi-privacy style of fencing is one of our most popular fence styles. We will explore the different styles within semi-privacy fencing, as well as decorative accents and fence accessories that can enhance the look and functionality of your fence.

Semi-privacy fences are a great option for those who want some level of privacy, but also want to maintain some visibility through their fence. This style features closely spaced pickets or slats that allow airflow and light to pass through, while still providing a degree of privacy. Semi-privacy fences are ideal for creating a backyard oasis, as well as defining outdoor spaces.

There are a few different styles of semi-privacy fencing to choose from:

Traditional Semi-Privacy:

This style features evenly spaced pickets that are slightly wider than the gaps between them, creating a classic look.

Board-on-Board Semi-Privacy:

This style features overlapping pickets that create a solid look when viewed head-on, but still allow for airflow and visibility.

Shadowbox Semi-Privacy:

This style features alternating boards that are attached to either side of the fence rails, creating a shadow effect.

All of our semi-privacy fences are made with high-quality materials that are built to last. We offer a variety of materials to choose from, including vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect material and style to meet your needs and budget.

In addition to the basic style options, there are also a variety of decorative accents and fence accessories that can be added to your semi-privacy fence to enhance its look and functionality. Here are a few examples:

Lattice Top: This decorative accent adds a touch of elegance to your fence and provides additional privacy and style.

Post Caps: These accessories add a decorative touch to the top of your fence posts while also protecting them from the elements.

Solar Lights: These fence accessories provide a soft glow and add ambiance to your outdoor living space.

Gates: We can install gates that match your semi-privacy fence style to provide easy access to your property while maintaining the privacy and security of your yard.

Fence Materials Available As Semi Privacy Fencing

When it comes to choosing the right material for your semi-privacy fence, there are a few different options to consider. Each material has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, and the best choice for you will depend on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and the specific needs of your property. Here are the most common materials used in semi-privacy fencing:

Vinyl: Vinyl is a popular choice for semi-privacy fences because it is low maintenance and durable. Vinyl fences are resistant to weather, pests, and rot, making them a great long-term investment. They are also available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can easily find one that matches your home’s exterior. Learn more about vinyl fence.

Wood: Wood is a classic and natural choice for a semi-privacy fence. Wood fences are typically made from cedar or redwood, which are both naturally resistant to rot and pests. However, wood fences require more maintenance than vinyl or aluminum fences, as they need to be stained or painted regularly to maintain their appearance. Learn more about wood fence.

Aluminum: Aluminum is a lightweight and durable option for a semi-privacy fence. Aluminum fences are available in a variety of styles and colors, making them a versatile choice for any property. They are also low maintenance and resistant to rust, making them a great long-term investment. Learn more about aluminum fence.

No matter which material you choose for your semi-privacy fence, our team of experts will work with you to ensure that it is installed correctly and efficiently. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible fence installation services in Ocean County and Monmouth County, New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing materials and installation process!

At our fence company, we take pride in providing our customers with high-quality fence installation services. Whether you are looking for a semi-privacy fence or another fence style, our team is dedicated to helping you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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