Chain Link Fence

Secure, safe and maintenance free: that’s the beauty of chain link fencing in New Jersey

Chain-link fencing, sometimes called hurricane or cyclone fencing, is a woven fence made up of interlocking, coated steel wires. They are bent vertically to form a zigzag design, and then joined in a diamond pattern. The wires are then attached to steel posts embedded in the ground.​

Chain-link fence is relatively low cost and the open weave does not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence. One can make a chain-link fence semi-opaque by inserting slats into the mesh. Chain-link fencing is a good option for security. Though it isn’t as visually appealing as other types of fencing, it is long lasting and cost effective. The benefits you get from chain-link are cost, quick installation, variety and durability. Common heights range from 3 ft. to 12 ft., though almost any height is possible.


With their resilience and longevity, chain link fences have a lot to offer. Whether you’re trying to define your yard’s borders or create better security for kids and pets, a chain link fence and gate could be the best solution. Consider some of this fencing option’s biggest benefits for homeowners in New Jersey:

There’s more to chain link than the traditional, gray, galvanized-steel fencing you’ve seen at industrial locations. Today, chain link comes in a variety of colors, heights and styles, giving you plenty of options for finding the right look for you. Choose a style that complements your surroundings in order to make the most of your new fence.
What’s great about chain link fences is that they last for a long time. Designed to be resilient against the harsh snow and ice of New Jersey winters, chain link holds up to rain, sun exposure, ongoing use and more.
Easy to maintain:
With a chain link fence, there’s virtually no upkeep involved. You can just use soap and water to clean it, and you don’t have to worry about staining or painting unless you want to change its color. Truly, once your chain link fence is installed, you don’t have to do anything with it.
Easy to repair:
Should your fence sustain damage from an accident or vandalism, it’s easy to get it repaired. New fencing matches existing fencing nicely, and touchups are a snap.
One of the biggest perks about chain link fencing is its price. More affordable than alternatives, it’s a way to get a fence added to your home even when your budget is tight.

Temporary Chain Link Fence Also Available for Sale or Rent!

Gate Sections and different heights are available with optional single strand of barbed wire across the top.

Chain link fences have long been recognized for their practicality, durability, and affordability. They’re a popular choice for various applications, from securing residential properties to defining commercial perimeters. However, there’s a specialized variation of chain link fencing designed to address temporary needs – Temporary Chain Link Fences.

Temporary Chain Link Fences: A Specialized Solution

While traditional chain link fences are ideal for permanent installations, Temporary Chain Link Fences offer a versatile alternative when you require a fencing solution that’s both secure and temporary. These fences share many of the same qualities as their permanent counterparts but are specifically engineered for short-term use.

If you are looking to add security to your property, we offer chain link fencing options that are strong and durable. This type of fencing is relatively inexpensive and a popular choice as it is low-maintenance. Chain link fences come in green vinyl, black vinyl, and galvanized silver and are available in many gauges and sizes. If you would like to add fencing to your property that will last for years to come and help protect the things you’ve worked hard for, contact us today.